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funDivaChristy says: It's not made by Microsoft!


You don't seem to be using IE, which must mean you are using a Better Browser. This means that you are in, like, the top 10% group of non-IE users who have seen the light and won't stand it any more.

That is really, really great for you. But what about your friends? Are some of them still using IE? If so, you should direct them to this page as soon as you possibly can. Downloading and installing Firefox might just save them from a virus, worm, piece of nasty spyware or worse. They will thank you for giving them such a valuable pointer.

This is the button they will see, which makes it as easy as possible to get Firefox, and get it quick:

Also, if you haven't already, you should Create an account and then add your own reason about why you think using Firefox is the only way to browse the web.

funDivaChristy says, I personally recommend that you use Firefox because:

extensions, flexibility, easy customization

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